videoclip / teaser for Kim Ki O debut (Enfant18)

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videoclip / teaser for Kim Ki O debut (Enfant18)

Post by M » Sat Jul 17, 2010 2:48 pm

At the end of August we will release the official debut by Kim Ki O (see
the Radio Resistencia compilation from last year). Here is as a teaser the
videoclip for one of the tracks from the record:

During this summer I will be away from the screen from time to time. This
means I will not reply to e-mails as quick as normally.

Also webshop orders will be handled a little slower as you are used to. But
you can still place your orders as I will reply to them. It will just take
a little more time. Around mid August all will be back to normal.

The Summer Sale will be valid untill the end of August. You can see here
what is still available:

Have a nice summer!

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