Brunnen and Diamantener Oberhof albums (Vrystaete/ET)

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Brunnen and Diamantener Oberhof albums (Vrystaete/ET)

Messagede M » Lun Jan 26, 2015 7:52 pm

Brunnen and Diamantener Oberhof on Vrystaete

Expected somewhere in February are two new releases on Vrystaete: Brunnen and Diamantener Oberhof

Brunnen is one of those best kept secrets from Holland... he writes light psychedelic folkpop tunes... sounding a bit like a lo-fi Legendary Pink Dots... and in a way he is truly a modern day acid troubadour telling small stories accompanied by minimal instrumentation...

Diamantener Oberhof is a German duo which consists of the musicians behind Baldruin and Brannten Schnüre/Agnes Beil... subtle electronic sounds are mixed with snippets of accordion melodies... it sounds very pure and authentic... like obscure lo-fi field recordings... this is a sort of new primitivism and a fantastic mix of ambient, folk and Dada-pop...

Here are full track previews from both records:

Also check the Vrystaete website for more sound previews:

You can find these and many other releases from various independent labels in the ET webshop:
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