La Mort De L'Hippocampe 2ndLP(Enfant23/post Porn.Darsteller)

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La Mort De L'Hippocampe 2ndLP(Enfant23/post Porn.Darsteller)

Post by M » Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:47 pm

La Mort De L’Hippocampe second and last vinyl album

La Mort De L’Hippocampe was the short-lived project by Jérôme Fontan after he stopped his elektro project Porn.Darsteller.The project ended with the unexpected death of Jérôme in June 2011.
‘Cheminement De L’Extase’ is much more a spiritual journey as the first one. It comes in two parts. The first part is a metaphysic poem illustrate with experimental, industrial and classical sounds. The second part is rather old school industrial in sound but this is mixed with medieval instrument like "vielle à roue" and "bombarde bretonne".

Some more infos and previews of the sounds are here:

An excerpt can be found here: ... ampe-chant

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