"HE COULD BE" Premier clip de RAPIDO DE NOIR !

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"HE COULD BE" Premier clip de RAPIDO DE NOIR !

Post by manu1756 » Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:39 pm

pour le regarder en HD : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esJMEIv1fXw&hd=1

"He could be" - Extract from RAPIDO DE NOIR's 1st LP "Equidistant lonelinesses" out on September 11th

2012 (15 Degrees Records).


Rapido De Noir was formed in late 2009, south of France. The roots of the band began as a collaboration when they first appeared in January 2009 under the name "Underbahns" featuring Pat Bakelite", with the track "In my little home of pain", on the vinyl compilation by the french cold wave label "La Forme Lente".

Sounding like a melting pot including electronica, post-punk, 80's new wave, 60's psychedelic bands, & self-ironic oriented lyrics, Rapido De Noir aims at crossing the roads with current sound designing and old analog warmth.
...A kind of positive melancholy...

That's what Rapido De Noir try to share, the band's still looking to connect, to make people feel something unique & universal, anything no matter how up or down a song's arrangement is. Only feelings count.

Links :


Footage/Video-editing : Christophe Méoni, Emmanuel d'Auzon
(CONTRE JOUR (band), association FOR MADMEN ONLY)

Thanks to Arnaud, Dorothée, Cyril, Virginie, Galine, Edith, Jean, Ben, Nadège, Jean-Erick, Roxane, Sandra, Pat, Marie et Fabien.

Special Thanks to Bar des Palmiers (Hyères)
Galine (Make-up & Hairdressing)
Edith Donc & Jean-Erick (Paintings, Sculptures, Accessories)

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