Renée van Trier (Milligram Retreat) debut album out now!

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Renée van Trier (Milligram Retreat) debut album out now!

Post by M » Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:04 pm

Next to being part of Milligram Retreat, a collaboration with Maurice Hermes, Renée van Trier is active as a visual and performance artist. On the occasion of her solo exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch in Holland her solo debut album “Wow Us All Away”is released in the form of this artifact.

While Milligram Retreat seem to have the right balance between experiment and structured songwriting the solo work of Van Trier seems dominated by chaos. Still this chaos is also here only a means to and end to seduce, irritate, deceive and excite her audience.

Musically this takes shape in raw electronic pieces with hints of Neue Deutsche Welle that refer to the best work of Malaria!, some Dadaistic improvisations and undefined free sounds. Laurie Anderson is never that far away and a hint of Yoko Ono is also to be found in some pieces. With "Wow Us All Away" Van Trier shows she is an upcoming multi-talent.

The album is released as an object with next to the cassette with music visual work related to the music and performances.

See and listen here:

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